Copy audio files from CD to PC

Copy audio files from CD to PC


There are a lot of programs that can rip CDs, i.e. copy audio files from a CD to a PC (and thereby convert them to MP3 files). A good example is the easy-to-use and free of charge program CDex.

This tutorial will show you how to use CDex to transfer music from a CD to your


Rip CDs with CDex – this is how it works!

1. Download CDex and install the software.

Das Programm CDex

2. Open the program and put the CD that you want to rip into your CD drive. CDex automatically views all tracks that can be ripped.

 Von CDex erkannte Tracks auf einer CD

3. Before you rip the CD, you should define the output folder (path to the folder where the files should be saved), the name of the album and the preferred output format. In the upper area, you can enter the ID3 tags (ARTIST, GENRE, ALBUM, YEAR).

Select a track and press the 'F2' key to change its title.


4. Click on „Options“ → „Settings“ in the upper menu or press the 'F4' key to view and adjust the settings.

 Directories & Files

5. Via „General“ → „Directories & Files“ you can change the paths to the output folders.

(for „WAV → MP3“ and „Recorded Tracks“). As a preset, the folder „my music“ in the CDex installation folder (C:\Program files\CDex\my music) is defined as the output folder.



6. You can determine the quality of the produced files via „Encoding“ → „Encoders“. As a beginner, simply keep the presets.


7. Now, the preparation is done and we can start to rip the CD. At first, choose the tracks that you would like to rip (either single tracks with 'Ctrl + left-click' or all tracks with 'Ctrl + A').


 Audiodateien mit Rechtsklick rippen

8. Right-click on the selected tracks. You can now choose to save the tracks as WAV or MP3 (compressed audio files). Alternatively, you can use 'F8' or 'F9'. CDex does now instantly start to extract the tracks.


Fortschrittsbalken "Extracting CD Tracks"

9. You're done! The audio files are now saved in the output folder.


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