Converting DSS / DS2 to MP3

Switch supports the conversion of many different data formats. It is almost unique in that it can convert .dss files. This means that you can convert interviews recorded with voice recorders from Olympus, Grundig and Philips; expensive accessories such as the Olympus footswitch and software (recommended retail price €249) are no longer required. Instead you can work with free software and an optional USB footswitch.

Converting existing audio data into .mp3 format is fairly simple with most programs. We opted for SWITCH as it is free software which is particularly easy to use and which can read and convert most data formats. It also has a unique ability to convert the digital voice recorder format .dss and many other audio formats into .mp3 without hassle. The program is also remarkably small. For the option of converting .dss and .ds2 into other formats you must obtain a licence, which costs $28, after a free trial period of 21 days.


Download here:
Switch Plus PC-Version
Switch Plus Mac-Version

How to convert audio files with Switch

Conversion procedure:

1. Install Switch. To do this simply follow the instructions in the installation assistant. Afterwards you will be asked whether you wish to install “related programs”. Click on “cancel”.

2. Next start Switch. You can choose the files you wish to convert by clicking on “add file(s)” in the first menu. TIP: clicking on items while holding down the Ctrl key allows you to highlight several different files. The “add folder” option allows you to select an entire directory.

3. In the lower part of the window you can choose your “output format”, for example .ogg or .mp3. Enter your “output folder” in the box above.

4. The conversion process starts when you click on the “convert” symbol on the top right. This can take several minutes, depending on the amount of data to be converted. When converting into .mp3 format a “codec settings” window will appear. Simply click on “OK”.

5. When the progress bar reaches 100% the conversion is complete. You can now exit Switch. Your files have been converted into .mp3 or .ogg format and you can continue working in another program such as f4 .

file convertor, that
also handles
DSS / DS2 files.

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