f4 analyse

f4analyse supports you in analyzing your textual data. You can develop codes, write
memos, code (manually or automatically), and you can analyze cases and topics.
The program is slim & easy to learn - you’ll greatly speed up your work.

Concentrate on your text

A focus on essentials
Trim 12-page reference manual

f4analyse is an inexpensive, easy-to-learn QDA software for research projects with up to 30 (RTF) texts (more is possible). It supports your analysis of word processing files by providing functions for coding, memoing, retrievals, and frequency analyses. Our reference manual is only 12 pages long – because f4analysis focuses on core functions. This is a guarantee for an easy start. We have put emphasis on user-friendliness on all operating systems.

Create codes and code text

Create codes & code text
Fast, colorful and easily visible

Codes help to structure your texts. No matter if codes are developed inductively or deductively, you can effortlessly create and organize your code system in f4analyse. Different colors can be assigned to the codes - if a segment of text is coded, it will appear in the same color as the respective code. Clicking on a code in the code list retrieves all coded passages in a well-arranged list.

Write memos and code memos

Write comments and add codes!
Creating a flexible space for insights

Whether you want to stick memos, case summaries, protocols of interpretations, hypotheses or other textual representations of your style of analysis to your data - simply use f4's comment function. Comments can be attached to whole texts, segments of texts, and codes - and they'll be always clearly visible when you need them. Comments can be displayed or hidden similarly to a chat protocol. And: You can code your comments as well. This supports you in paraphrasing, generalizing, and iteratively coding your data. 

Memos schreiben und codieren. Viel Raum für Erkenntnisse

Text filter and retrieval
A helpful bundle of tools for text retrieval

With a few clicks you can start a word search in both texts and comments. To retrieve certain statements or segments in your texts, simply click on the desired codes and the texts that should be searched. You can further bundle your texts in text groups - for example, if you specifically want to search through statements by academics from Wisconsin (as opposed to searching through statements from academics all over the US). Everything can be exported to RTF.

Transcribe efficently

Transcribe efficiently
Proven and time-saving functionality

f4analyse contains some transcription functions. You can control play and pause directly with your keyboard. Upon pausing the recording, the audio is automatically rewind by 2 seconds supporting a smooth transcription workflow. f4analyse also takes care of inserting timestamps and the names of the speakers upon turn-taking (optional). When you're done typing, the media file is automatically synchronized with your text. A click in the text and pressing the F4 key, you will hear that specific phrase again!

Code distribution
Overview & detailed view

In the code distribution table, you can display the coding frequency in total numbers. The segments of text assigned to the respective codes can also be directly displayed in the table. Frequency numbers as well as text segments can be exported as a CSV file.

A truly open software

A truly open software tool
Flexible export to Mac, Windows & Linux

Your data is stored in a single project file - you can export everything from this file in case you want to work in Word, MAXQDA or Atlas.ti at a later point. f4analyse supports export as text file and as a table for parts of the project. The whole project can be exported as an XML-file.  f4analyse runs on Windows & Linux machines, as well as on Macs, and is available in English and German. In f4analyse, YOU decide where and how you want to work.

Buy now

Prices & Licences

The demoversion allows to work with 10 texts and 10 codes. To work with more codes and texts, simply buy a serialnumber in our webshop. The serialnumber enables you to use f4analyse on one computer. An internet connection is required to activate the software. Upon request we provide computer centers with suitable silent-installation versions. 




Since the summer of 2012, a team of eight developers has worked on the concept, design and functionality of f4analyse. We have made hundreds of sketches in order to distill the sequence of the most common steps in qualitative analysis, and we have transformed our insights into easy operating steps within the software. We are looking forward to welcoming f4analyse as a steady member of our family of audiotranskription products. Your questions and suggestions are more then welcome!

„… f4analyse allows you to transcribe and
analyze interviews and texts. It offers
all relevant core functions you are expecting of
QDA software and it greatly speeds up your analysis. ...“

(Thorsten Dresing — Conception & Workshops)

Thorsten Pehl

„…  the interface is beautiful and clutter-free; it
allows you to intuitively use the software, almost
without looking at the manual.  It is possible to structure
and analyze data through short steps and with just a few clicks. …“

(Thorsten Pehl — Conception & Wireframing)

Christoph Burgdorf

„… f4analyse runs on Windows, Mac and Linux -
right from the start and at a small price. This
lowers the threshold for acquiring QDA software
and doing comprehensible text analysis. …“

(Christoph Burgdorf — Programming)

Lars Zimmermann

„… the goal of our design was an easily accessible
user interface. f4analyse will provide the user
with an outstanding user experience. …“

(Lars Zimmermann — Screendesign & UI/UX)