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“The program surface is so neat and intuitive that you almost don’t need the manual. With only a few clicks you can analyze and structure your material, no matter which operation system you’re using."


Only the Essentials

For your text analysis

Import your transcripts, write your memos and summaries, develop your codesystem and code your interviews and export content with certain paragraphs. f4analyse offers a slim and easy to learn surface and facilitates the qualitative evaluation of textual data (word files in RTF format).

Our 12-page manual, video tutorials (only german) and free webinars make it easily accessible.

f4analyse Code Text, for qualiative content analysis.

Create Codes & Code Texts

Quick, colorful, and distinct

Codes allow you to structure your text. It’s easy to organize your code system, no matter if it was developed inductively or deductively. You can choose from 16 different colors for your codes; in the text, coded passages are underlined in the respective color.

One click on the code instantly retrieves all associated quotations in a neatly formatted list that can be exported.

f4analyse, Memos und Paraphrasierungen erstellen.

Write & Code Memos

Comprehensible findings

Be it in memos, summaries, interpretation protocols, or hypotheses – write down your ideas. Memos are available for texts, text passages, and codes. Memos in interviews can be displayed or hidden like a chat protocol.

You can code all memos. This makes it easy to paraphrase text content, code the paraphrase, or create a case summary.

f4analyse, Codierungen finden

Filters & Search Function

A helpful bundle of tools for text retrieval

With only a few clicks you can start a word or context search. A complete list of references will instantly be shown – or coded just as easily.

Have passages from certain texts or codes displayed. You can then summarize them in a memo, export them to Word, or further differentiate the statements.

f4analyse, Häufigkeitsverteilung von Codes, quantitative Auswertung, Typenbildung

Code Distribution

Overview and Detailed View

The code distribution table shows the project’s coding frequency. It displays the absolute frequency of codes per text. The assigned quotes can be displayed with one click.

Numbers as well as texts can be exported to Excel or SPSS.

f4analyse QDA Software für Mac, Windows und Linux

Open for other Ideas

...on all platforms

You can work seamlessly on virtually every platform and with a nearly identical interface: Mac, Linux, iPad, and Android. Your data is saved as an f4-file in the open XML format. Parts of the project can be exported as RFT text or XLS table, the entire project as XML file or mx4 file (MAXQDA).

f4analyse comes with German, English, French, Turkish, and Portuguese user interfaces.

f4analyse, QDA-Software für iPad und android

Also on iPad and Android

Mobile analysis made easy

Start your project on a desktop computer and later continue coding on your iPad, or the other way around. Text import, coding, text retrievals, memos, and comments can thus be used on the go. Back at the office, you can continue seamlessly where you left off on your iPad or Android tablet.

The demo and full version are available at the iTunes Store (4.99 euros).

Coming soon to Google Play Store.


inclusive f4/f5transkript

Pro Single License 199,90 €  
  Double License 299,-- €  
  mobile (usb) 399,-- €  
Edu 6 Month License 49,90 €  
  Single License 99,90 €  
  Double License 129,-- €  
  mobile (usb) 129,-- €  

Licenses and Prices

The demo version has no time limit, but allows a maximum of 10 texts and 10 codes only.

Every license you purchase comes with a free f4/f5transkript license for transcription. The Pro license is for everyone, the Edu license only for students, teachers and academic institutions. Bulk and network licenses are also available.

If you would like to use f4analyse as a teacher in your class, we’ll provide you with a free teaching license for each participant. Just send an email to: free teaching license.

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Praxisbuch Transkription und Analyse

Methodological Support

Our Manual (on) Transcription introduces you to the first transcription steps and is quotable. 

Perhaps you are still wondering whether f4analyse or MAXQDA can better support your qualitative analysis? We have compiled a comparison that can at the very least help you to make an informed decision.

Many f4analyse users work with qualitative content analysis. This methodology is a comprehensible and feasible approach, especially for beginners, and it is suitable for many research questions. For further information please read:

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