Transferring traditional recordings on MiniDisc or cassette to your PC

Most recordings today are still made on cassette or MiniDisc. Over the next few years digital recordings will become much more widespread, yet it will occasionally be necessary to transfer old or traditional recordings onto your PC – you may wish to make use of transcription software on your PC, archive material in a more useable fashion or send recordings via e-mail. The quality of the recording does not automatically improve after transfer!

Step 1:

Attach headphones or the line-out of your cassette recorder or MiniDisc player to the line-in of your computer. Line-ins are usually edged with blue and marked with the appropriate symbol.

Information for iBook users:

The iBook has no line-in. You will require an additional device called an iMic. This little attachment is inserted into the iBook’s USB port and serves as an adapter for transmitting and receiving audio signals.


Step 2 (PC):

Download the free MP3 recording software Recorder N°23 and open the program (direct download here). Choose “line-in” as your sound source

Now check the settings. To do this, start the MiniDisc player or cassette recorder and activate the test recording option in Recorder N°23.

Set the master volume control to a maximum level of 82 decibels.

Stop the test. You can now enter the name of the directory where you would like to save the data you have recorded (usually c:\No23Recorder). You can also give your recording a title and add a commentary.

Now press “record” and start the film or required extract in order to record with the settings you have selected.


Step 2 (for MACs)

The process is similar for MACs although different software is required. We recommend the Audio Recorder freeware. It also allows you to record any incoming audio signals onto your computer. Attach the player to your computer, press “play” on the player and “record” in the Audio Recorder program.


Warning: To record data in MP3 format you must install an MP3 code. One free example for use with MACs is

Lame Framework 1.0.2

This is how you convert your recordings into MP3.

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