Hello 🙂

+49 6421 590979-0

Monday – Friday 9 AM – 3 PM CET

dr. dresing & pehl GmbH
Deutschhausstraße 22a
35037 Marburg
Fax: +49 6421 590979-20
E-Mail: info@audiotranskription.de

Heidi Neubauer

Accounting and fulfilment
Direct dialling -11
E-mail: heidi.neubauer@audiotranskription.de

Helmut Neubauer

Programming and web, software support
Direct dialling -19
E-mail: helmut.neubauer@audiotranskription.de

David Georgi

Transcription and recording
Direct dialling -13
E-mail: david.georgi@audiotranskription.de

Geula Pozlevic

Accounting and fulfilment
Direct dialling -14
E-mail: geula.pozlevic@audiotranskription.de

Bianca Preißner

Direct dialling -15
E-mail: bianca.preissner@audiotranskription.de

Christoph Burgdorf

Programming, support for Linux and f4transkript
Direct dialling -17
E-mail: christoph.burgdorf@audiotranskription.de

Dr. Thorsten Dresing

Transcription and qualitative data analysis, C.E.O.
Direct dialling -12
E-mail: thorsten.dresing@audiotranskription.de

Thorsten Pehl

Qualitative Content Analysis and dictation; C.E.O.
Direct dialling -16
E-mail: thorsten.pehl@audiotranskription.de

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