f4analyse: new in Version 3

bundle documentsCreate and compare groups

Texts can now be assigned to groups. This simplifies the comparison of answers between groups and helps in the generation of types. Like all elements in f4analysis, each group receives its own comment field in which all special features, findings and characteristics of this group can be recorded.

fesh designWell aranged on all screen sizes

Version 3 has been completely redesigned. With the eye-friendly and responsive design, work remains clear no matter what screen is being used, even on high-resolution screens.

Space-saving modeFlexible interface

The display of icons, toolbar, texts and codes can be reduced with one click. This allows you to keep an overview on large and small screens.

REFI-QDA StandardExchange projects and codebooks

The REFI-QDA Standard, which audiotranskription has collaborated on developing in recent years, enables the exchange of project data from qualitative research projects between QDA programmes such as f4analysis, Atlas.ti, MAXQDA, Nvivo, Quirkos and others.

DOCX standardImport and export as Word file

For easy handling, Word documents (.docx) are now imported in addition to RTF files. The results and texts are also exported as nicely formatted Word files (.docx).

Further improvementsMany details make the work easier

    • Cross-outs enable targeted support of reconstructive methods
    • Improved selection of texts, groups and codes
    • Improved placement of options for faster creation of subcodes
    • More space in the Selection tab
    • Improved display of windows on dark background
    • Improved performance, now easy to use even on slow computers
    • and finally also minor bug fixes
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