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f4transkript supports you in typing your audio and video files by yourself.

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f4transkript supports you in typing your audio and video files yourself.

Activation and licence transfer
After successful ordering and payment, the shop will automatically send you an individual licence number. An internet connection is required to activate your licence in the software. In the event of a computer failure or relocation, simply send us the licence number by e-mail and we will activate it manually. Please keep the number in a safe place.

Delivery by e-mail
You will receive your individual licence number for f4transkript for Windows, Linux or Mac, (Windows/ Linux v7 and Mac v8), download link, manual (PDF in German/English), transcription practice book (PDF in German/English) by e-mail.

Delivery time
After a successful order, the licence number will be sent by e-mail about 10 minutes later if you pay by Paypal or credit card (please note the spam filter).
In case of prepayment or invoice, we process the order manually from Monday to Friday 9 am to 2 pm. This may take several working days depending on the receipt of payment and order volume.

System requirements
macOS 10.12+, Windows 7+, Linux (info).
Please check compatibility and functionality in advance. Without entering a serial number, the programmes will automatically start in the demo version. Download here

Price scale

Students / Promotion
This heavily discounted licence is only available to students or doctoral candidates. You are entitled to this if you enter your matriculation number or university e-mail address for legitimation in the order process and place the order as a private person (no company name or university in the billing address). These licences can be used for the current programme version for a limited period of time. Please choose the appropriate time frame for your use, a subsequent upgrade is not possible.

Full licence
The licence can be used for an unlimited period of time for the current version.

Licence Tickets
You receive 25 licence codes for one month each. This allows you to give licences quite flexibly, e.g. to students – without the need to manage the rental of USB sticks.

Portable licence
Entitles you to install the software on a USB stick and use it on different computers with identical operating systems. You will receive a suitable stick with the software already installed from us by DHL.
*Installation on your own sticks is possible, but at your own risk, some sticks cannot be identified by our software. (unfortunately, no “whitelist” can be named here).

Network licence
Licence server for simultaneous use in the network.
The rental licence runs for 12 months and includes all updates/upgrades during the term. (no subscription, support via e-mail included). The purchase licence is valid for an unlimited period, but only for the programme versions current at the time of purchase (two support cases by e-mail are included). When ordering we need the following information: Windows version of the server, IPv4 address or FQDN of the server.

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Research, commercial or private use, Students or PhD students, USB licence, Upgrade, Network and USB licence


1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, full licence (unlimited), purchase, unlimited, 10 users, rent, 12 months, 10 users, upgrade to V3, upgrade from V5+ to V8, USB licence (unlimited), pre-installed on USB stick (Mac), pre-installed on USB stick (Windows), to install by yourself*, 25 tickets á 1 month

f4x speech recognition

1 hour – FREE offer, 2 hours, no f4x Speechrecognition, 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours