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Quota for f4x Speech Recognition

You will receive a quota code to redeem in your f4x account by e-mail

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f4x Automatic Speech Recognition

Here you can purchase hourly quotas for f4x speech recognition. With an hour quota you can have one hour of audio or video material converted into text by f4x speech recognition and download it as a Word document with the transcript (in RTF format). The conversion is done word by word, with pauses and repetitions. Converted are mp3, wac, aiff, mp4 and many other formats up to 2GB each. The conversion is GDPR compliant. More information about our service can be found here:


Before purchasing, please check the recognition performance for your recordings using the free 30-minute demo quota. A return of the quota is not possible after a successful purchase.

The better and clearer the recording, the better the result! Depending on the quality of the recording and the speech contributions, the quality of the delivered transcript will also vary. Recognition errors are included in every case and do not represent a malfunction. Therefore, please test in advance whether our service provides sufficient results for your material. We recommend well-tuned stereo recordings with 2 speakers. If the level is poor, there is background noise or multiple speakers, the quality can drop significantly. We therefore recommend that you do not use telephone interviews or very quiet recordings. Please be sure to test smartphone recordings beforehand.


After successful purchase and payment you will receive an e-mail with a quota code to the e-mail address specified in the order process. You can enter this code after successful registration and login at and then gradually use up this time credit.

The credit cannot be transferred to another account. It is not possible to return the quota after a successful purchase. If you purchase 100 hours or more, you can receive them in any combination of individual quota codes. Flexible and can be used regardless of the time. You can use these codes in your project or give them to external collaborators or students. Please contact us by e-mail before purchasing.


Use in browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox (not older than 2 years), internet connection.
Use in f4transcript v8: macOS 10.12+, license for f4transcript v8 required, internet connection.
An f4x account is required, which implies acceptance of separate terms and conditions and a data processing agreement. Registration for the f4x speech recognition service is possible at Each new account receives 30 minutes of speech recognition free of charge.

Price scales

Undergraduate/PhD: This heavily discounted quota is only available to undergraduate or graduate students. You are eligible if you provide your matriculation number or university email address for legitimation in the order process and place the order as an individual (no company name or university in the billing address).
University / NGO / Individual / Company / Public Administration: This license is available for all universities, non-profit institutions or NGOs, companies or individuals.

Additional information


Research, commercial or private use, only for self-paying students / PhD students, Students or PhD students

Number of hours

100 hours (20 code a 5 hours), 50 hours, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, 30 hours, 100 hours, 100 hours (100 codes a 1 hour), 50 codes a 2 hours, 250 hours