f4 & f5transkript

time-saving transcription

f4transkript - Screenshot

For Windows, Mac and Linux: “f4/f5transkript enables you to make professional transcripts of interviews and discussions.“ (c't Magazine 04/2016)

  • 50% - 200% speed - no pitch level changing
  • Automatic short rewind
  • Pauses and length measurement


6 weeks22€
2 computers150€
2 computers99€

Upcoming functions in 2017:

  • Statistics about your transcript (Nov 17)
  • Export with paragraph numbers (Nov 17)
  • Borrow function for the network licence (Jul 17)

Variable speed & automatic rewind

Easy on your nerves and faster

Hardly anyone is able to type as quickly as people speak. You can slow down the playback while typing; the pitch will not change. Speed it up while proofreading and finish faster. Additionally, our program automatically rewinds a little every time you pause. This allows you to hear the last two or three words again before you continue and contributes to a smoother workflow.

Speaker change & marking

Better overview of your material

Save yourself the typing of speaker names. f4&f5 do it automatically. In addition, the program marks the speakers in different colours allowing you to identify pauses and speaker changes as well as the timing of speaking time.

Overview of the functions

f4transkript (Win+Linux)

or f5transkript (Mac)

1 activation 99 €
2 activations 150 €
mobile (USB) 150 €
10 concurrent users 1500 €
1 activation 77 €
2 activations 99 €
mobile (USB) 99 €
10 concurrent users 600 €
6 weeks, 1 activation 22 €
6 months, 1 activation 33 €
2 years, 2 activations 55 €

Licenses and prices

f4transkript is for Windows and Linux – f5transkript is for Mac (starting from OS X 10.7).

The demo version has a 10-minutes time limit on audio and video files.

The standard licences have no validity limit. In Win/Linux they support the following pedal types: Scythe USB 1,2,3, Olympus RS-28(H), Olympus RS-31(H), Philips LFH 2310, LFH 2330, LHF 5220, Grundig 540 USB. They also enable an offset and export as SRT file.

We provide a discount for universities and students. Only for undergraduate and postgraduate students, we offer temporary licences for 6 weeks, 6 months or 2 years. University and student licences ONLY support the pedals Office and Science I+II and provide no offset or SRT export.

All licences are also available as network licence.

If you would like to use f4/f5 in the classroom, we will provide you with a free teaching licence for each participant as well as training material. The teaching licence is valid for 10 days. More information on our teaching support package.

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Advice and support

Please use mp3 files with a uniform bitrate of 192kbit/s or higher.

When using Mac, please convert WMA files to an alternative media format.

DSS and DS2 files are protected by law. They can only be played in Windows, when the DSS Player Pro by Olympus is installed.

In case of problems with the playback in the old f4transkript version 5.x, please install the Codec-Pack für f4.

If the key F4 does not work in Windows (Lenovo), you will find advice here: Link1 or Link2

If the key F5 does not work in Mac, please activate the F keys under the category keyboard in the control panel.

Free licences and training material for education....

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