f4transkript functions

Variable speed & automatic rewind

Easy on your nerves and faster

Hardly anyone is able to type as quickly as people speak. You can slow down the playback while typing; the pitch will not change. Speed it up while proofreading and finish faster. Additionally, our program automatically rewinds a little every time you pause. This allows you to hear the last two or three words again before you continue and contributes to a smoother workflow.

Speaker change and marking

Better overview of your material

Save yourself the typing of speaker names. f4&f5 do it automatically. In dialogues, the paragraphs automatically start with the name of the person speaking. With more than two speakers, our text modules will come in handy. In addition, the program marks the speakers in different colours allowing you to identify pauses and speaker changes.

Waveform & timing

Volume and duration become visible

The wave shows you where you are and how loud it is. One click takes you to the desired position. A highlighted segment is played back and its length in seconds is shown. This allows you to precisely identify and time speaker turns or pause lengths and insert them into your transcript via a keyboard shortcut. In addition, f4 enables the playback as a loop.


Automatically or retrospectively for each paragraph

f4/f5 automatically insert timestamps while typing – no extra effort required. When you click on a timestamp, the corresponding passage is played back instantly. This is not only helpful for quickly continuing at a certain point or checking an incomprehensible paragraph later, but also for the subsequent analysis in f4analyse, MAXQDA, or Atlas.ti.

Using a specific algorithm, we have succeeded in retrospectively inserting timestamps into texts – amazingly precise (currently only in f4)!

f4transkript kommentar

Memos for your text

For comments, meta-level or context information

Completing a transcript is an important step towards analysis. While transcribing you will often think about context information or ideas that are not articulated in the text. The program enables you to take notes in a matching field while transcribing. These comments or memos can be also exported to Word and later extracted as document memos in f4analyse. You will also be able to read them in MAXQDA/Atlas.ti/Nvivo.

Text modules

Save you time

Create a set of frequently used text modules, such as recurring phrases, special transcription characters, or speaker names. In addition, the program provides some of the common transcription symbols for you.

You can easily import and export text modules between f4 and f5.

USB foot pedals

Facilitate your work

f4/f5 can be used with our foot pedals – they make your work easier. We offer three different models.
With the standard licence under Windows and Linux the following pedal models are supported: Scythe USB 1,2,3, Olympus RS-28(H), Olympus RS-31(H), Philips LFH 2310, Philips LFH 2330 and Grundig 540 USB. If using Mac, you can only work with our pedals.


f4 and f5 are easy to learn. You only need to press the F4 or F5 key in order to start or to pause (when necessary press Fn as well).

Would you like to know more? We have prepared manuals for you in German and English. You can download them on our website.



Mistakes can happen to all of us. To prevent you from losing valuable parts of your work, f4 and f5 regularly save backups. Fortunately, you will be able to easily restore your latest work.


Difficulties with mp3 files?

If you work with mp3 files, please use these files with a uniform bitrate of 192kbit/s or higher. Please store the files locally and not in a network or external hard drive since problems may occur at lower or variable bitrates or not locally stored files (jumps). This might also cause a shift in the waveform (when waveform and tone do not correspond).

"Die Wellenform für diese Datei kann nicht geladen werden..."

Not relevant for f4transkript 6.x.

F4transkript requires Windows Media Player (WMP). Please check if WMP is installed on your computer.

Install the following Codec-Pack: Codec-Pack for f4

Please consider that the installation might not always to solve the problem. A third party could have modified the codes installed on your system.
Please check whether the files can be played by WMP. If this is not the case, please try to convert the files in an alternative media format.


Plays no wma file?

Please convert wma files into mp3 (e.g. with “To MP3 Converter Free”).

No solution found?

Send us an e-mail. Please indicate your operating system, the version number of your program and the serial number. We respond quickly during our office hours!