Time-saving transcription

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Fast, precise and concentrated typing.
   For audio- and videofiles on Windows, Linux and Mac!

  • Natural voice speed change
  • Automatic short rewind
  • Pause and length measurement
  • Text modules & comments
  • Distraction-free full-screen mode
  • Statistical function
  • Fixed page width mode
  • and much more ...
Stud. from25€
Pro from99€
Edu from80€

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Natural writing flow

Variable speed

Almost nobody types as fast as people speak. Just slow down the recording without changing the pitch. And, of course, faster in the proofreading process, then you'll be done sooner.


Easy control and automatic return

Play and pause with the F4/F5 key or USB foot pedal. During each transcription pause, the system automatically rewinds briefly. This way you hear the last words again and stay in the flow of writing


Only essentials

To type with concentration, you need peace and quiet, leisure and a clear text editor. In distraction-free mode, press F11 to hide all options. It remains an eye-friendly view of the transcript, even at night!


Display overlaps with fixed page width

Exact speaker overlaps for simultaneous speech can be displayed in fixed page width mode. When enabled, f4 uses a monospaced font and limits the width. Your text will then look exactly the same in Word as in f4.



Automatic time stamps and statistics

f4transkript automatically inserts time stamps. A click on a time stamp starts the playback at exactly this point. In addition, f4transkript automatically creates a statistic of the typing speed and shows how long the editing of the document will take.


Waveform with time measurement

The waveform shows where you are in the recording and how loud what you are saying is at that moment. Markers show the length of the passage in seconds. You can measure precise speaking times or pause lengths and insert them into the transcript using a hotkey.


Automatic speaker change

Speaker names can be stored once and are then automatically inserted alternately for each new paragraph. On Win/Linux even colored.


Predefined text elements

Simply store the most important text modules for frequently recurring phrases or special transcription characters. These are automatically inserted by typing an abbreviation + spacebar.



Room for more

Comments to your text

Creating a transcript is already a significant step in the evaluation work. The comment field offers space for background information and first insights. All data can be exported to Word, f4analyse, MAXQDA, ATLAS.ti, Excel and others.


Pro: Offset, SRT export and more foot switches

The Pro-version is also suitable for dubbing or subtitling. It offers offset and subtitle export (SRT). Switches from Olympus, Grundig, Scythe or Philips are also supported.

With f4transkript professional transcripts of interviews and discussions can be made.“ (c't Magazin)

License versions


Without a license number the software starts as a demo and allows a playback time of 5 minutes. Any number of times, any length. Suitable for tests or exercises.

Universities / students

Universities and students can purchase the software at a discount. For students and doctoral candidates there are 6 weeks, 6 months or 2 years licenses. USB licenses are installed by you (optionally also us) on a USB stick and can thus be used on different computers and can be loaned, for example. The software is also available as a network license.

Free teaching license

If you use f4transcript as a lecturer in teaching, you will receive free teaching licenses, exercise material, literature and much more for all participants of the course: a support package for teaching.


The Pro license is unlimited and allows additional offset and export as SRT-file. On Win/Linux the following additional foot switches are supported: Scythe USB 1,2,3; Olympus RS-28(H), RS-31(H); Philips LFH 2310, LFH 2330, LFH 5220, ACC2310, ACC2330; Grundig 540 USB. USB licenses are installed on a USB stick and can change the computer regularly and be loaned, for example. There are also network licenses for Pro customers.

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1 activation 99 €
2 activations 150 €
USB-license 150 €
10 user concurrent 1500 €
2 activations 99 €
USB-license 99 €
10 user concurrent 600 €
6 weeks, 1 activation 24,90 €
6 month, 1 activation 34,90 €
2 years, 2 activations 49,90 €

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On which operating systems is f4/f5transkript executable?
f4transcript runs on Windows 7 and higher and on various Linux distributions - The Mac version is called f5transkript and runs on Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.

Is speech recognition implemented in f4transkript?
No, speech recognition is not available (yet). The software helps with manual typing in the many cases where speech recognition does not make sense (interviews, group discussions, lectures ...).

Which file formats can be played?
All file formats that can be played on your computer without additional programs are usable. DSS- and DS2-files are protected by law. These can be played on Windows if Olympus DSS Player Pro / ODMS is installed at the same time.

What to do if the F4/F5 key does not respond?
If the F4 key on a Windows laptop (e.g. Lenovo) does not respond, here are the appropriate tips: Link1 or Link2
If the F5 key does not work on a Mac, please activate the F-keys in the control panel under the category Keyboard.


USB foot switch

Facilitates transcription

f4/f5transcript can be controlled with our three different foot switches - this makes your work easier.

The Pro license also supports the USB foot switches Scythe USB 1,2,3; Olympus RS-28(H), RS-31(H); Philips LFH 2310, LFH 2330, LFH 5220, ACC2310, ACC2330 and Grundig 540 USB under Windows and Linux. On the Mac, you can only work with our pedals.

Free licences and training material for education

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