Science II foot pedal

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Inexpensive and flexible tool
For audio and video material on PC and Mac with f4transkript. It is a low-price but solid tool and do not need to be configured. Thanks to the USB foot switch Science 2 you need your hands only for the typing. This makes it easier for you to draw up transcripts on the computer and goes along with a saving of working hours of up to 30%.

- holding the switch down = play
- release it = stop
- holding it down again = play (and so on)
- repeated pushing = rewind

Package content:

USB foot switch (transcription software not included)

Data Sheet

- hands needed for typing only
- saves up to 30 % of time while transcribing your audio data on the computer-
- automatically working with "f4transkript " on PC, Mac (f5), Linux
- dimensions: 90mm x 65mm x 25mm (plus 1,5m cable)
- weight: ~150g
- sturdy construction type, fibreglass-reinforced polyester
- colour: black
- 1,5m USB cable
- life span: 1 million cycles of operation
- supports Windows 7 and newer, MAC OS 10.11 and newer
- compatible sofware: f4transkript and f5transkript

Delivery only to Germany.

Note for customers outside Germany:
Due to the European Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, manufacturers of electronic equipment have to pay separate fees for each EU country. Unfortunately, in our case these fees are in no relation to the price of our foot switches. Therefore we cannot offer you the USB foot controls science II and office for sale in other countries.

The USB foot control science, however, is not affected by this and can be ordered by you as usual.