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Inexpensive and flexible tool
For audio and video material on PC and Mac. It is a price-conscious and flexible tool because it cooperates immediately with different transcription programmes like f4transkript. Thanks to the USB foot switch Science you need your hands only for the typing. This makes it easier for you to draw up transcripts on the computer and goes along with a saving of working hours of up to 30%.

- holding the switch down = play
- release it = stop
- holding it down again = play (and so on)
- repeated pushing = rewind

We deliver this switch preassigned for f4transkript on a PC or Mac. Please choose your required configuration in the option's menu. Only available in Europe!

Package content:

USB foot switch, (license for transcription software not included)

Data Sheet
- hands needed for typing only
- saves up to 30 % of time while transcribing your audio data on the computer
- made in Germany
- when delivered, automatically working with "f4transkript" (Windows + Linux), "f5transkript" (Mac), ExpressScribe (PC, Mac)
- dimensions: 90mm x 65mm x 25mm (plus 1,5m cable)
- weight: ~150g
- sturdy construction type, fibreglass-reinforced polyester
- colour: yellow, bottom: black
- 1,5m USB cable
- life span: 1 million cycles of operation
- supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (no Win98); MAC OSX 10.4+; Linux
- compatible sofware: f4transkript, f5transkript, Express Scribe, Listen&Type 3.2, Express Scribe (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OSX10.4), Listen&Type*, - Transcriber*, ELAN*, EXMERaLDA*, HyperTranscribe*, Transana*, Transcriva*, LucasDambergs*, Hyper Transcribe* (*configuration neccessary)