quick transcription



structured analysis

  • Easily transcribe and correct manually
  • slowdown playback speed & automatic rewind
  • (Auto)Timestamps and speaker marking
  • USB foot pedals support

f4transkript details

  • Memos and coding
  • Display, filter and compare quotations
  • Compose summaries
  • Export and teamwork

f4analyse details

Free handbook as PDF

We show you how to prepare for the interviewing and record the interviews.
You will also learn how to transcribe your interviews according to academic rules, as well as how to analyse your interviews after transcribing them.

Further information and download

Video tutorial on f4analyse

Here you can see all the important functions in 18 minutes. You will find information on how you can import texts, write memos, code and build a coding frame, summarise your findings and export them to a word (or excel, maxqda) file for your research report.

Detailed tutorial

USB foot pedals

Faster typing of interviews, dictations or films.

  • Faster transcription
  • Hitting the pedal allows to playback, releasing allows to pause and rewind
  • Suitable for iPhone/smartphone dictations
  • Programmable for other applications
  • Prices between 66 and 99 Euro (incl. VAT)

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Free licences and training material for education....

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