Transcription of audio- & video filesf4transkript

f4transkript Windows

Windows (8.1+)

Version: 7.0.6
f4transkript Windows USB

Windows USB

Version: 7.0.6
f4transkript macOS

macOS (10.14+)

Version: 8.1.1
f4transkript Linux


Version: 7.0.6
f4transkript Manual


Version: 7
macOS 10.12+
Windows 7+,

Intel Core i3+
512 MB RAM

Distributionen / Distributions:

Ubuntu 14.04+
Feodora Workst. 23
Mint 17.3

Ohne Video / Without video: OpenSuse 13.1, Debian 8.3
Andere Versionen bisher ungetestet / Other versions untested

Sie brauchen einen installierten VLC-Player /
You’ll need an installed VLC-Player

Qualitative analysis of textsf4analyse

f4analyse Windows

Windows (8+)

Version: 3.2.0
f4analyse Windows USB

Windows USB

Version: 3.2.0
f4analyse macOS

macOS (10.14+)

Version: 3.2.1
f4analyse Linux


Version: 3.2.0
f4analyse Manual


Version: 3
macOS 10.14+
Windows 7+

Intel Core i3 +
1024 MB RAM +
libusb 1.0 +
udev 204 +

Tested distributions:
* Debian 9 Stretch
* Fedora 32
* Mint 19 Cinnamon
* Mint 19 Mate
* Kubuntu 18.04
* Ubuntu 18.04

With some graphical restrictions
* Mint 19 XFCE
* MX 18

High DPI Support:
* Cinnamon
* Gnome
* KDE Plasma
* Mate Desktop Environment

Please test demo and read readme file.

f4analyse 2.x

Intel Core i3 +
256 MB RAM +
libusb 1.0 +
udev 204 +

Tested distributions:
* Ubuntu 14.04
* Fedora 23
* Debian 8
* Open Suse 13.04
* Linux Mint 17.3

Please test demo and read readme file.

Speech recognition onlinef4x in the browser

Usable in Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Home office necessary?

With the new “tickets” for f4transkript or f4analysis you get 25 license codes for one month each. This allows you to flexibly give licenses e.g. to students – without the need to manage a network license or USB sticks.

About Interview, Transcription & AnalysisManual (on) transcription

Our 6th edition (3rd in English) is meant for everyone planning to conduct, transcribe and analyze qualitative interviews.

The book teaches you how to prepare and record your interviews. We explain how to put your interviews into writing, how to avoid mistakes, and how to transcribe in a rule-governed and technically correct manner.

We offer an overview of general steps across all methods of qualitative analysis and show how to put these into practice with f4analyse. Finally we deal with issues of privacy and safe handling of your data in cloud computing.

We tackle basic questions such as “Why conduct interviews?”, “What do you need before you can get started?”, “How do I ask the right questions?”, “What are common problems?” and “How do I analyze my data?”.

For the science foot switch and f-pro products
Configuration tool

The f-pro pushbuttons are very easy to use. There is no need to install any drivers or software. After connecting the USB port to the computer (MacOSX, Windows 98 or higher, Linux), the pushbutton works immediately after a few seconds and triggers a keyboard command when pressed and/or released. The configuration can be changed as often as desired. The internal memory then remembers the new configuration and can be used immediately on the target computer.

The factory default key combination for Windows is F9 when pressed and F4 when released. If the button is preconfigured for Mac, it is calibrated to CTRL+1 when pressed and CTRL+2 when released.

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