Use or share data from interviews outside the EU? What is allowed?

Let’s start off very crudely: In principle, you can do almost anything with the data, as long as the interlocutors consent. This statement is not wrong. First of all, according to the GDPR, it is not forbidden to get permission to publish interviews on Facebook or Youtube. Just so as not to be misunderstood: We […]

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Qualitative interviews – free privacy checklist

How to conduct your interviews in a GDPR-compliant manner Qualitative interviews usually contain personal data, and these need to be handled carefully. Unfortunately, this is going to be a long checklist, so let’s get started right away without much introduction: 1. Preparation Download the consent form file above and customize it for your specific project. […]

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Interviews & GDPR

Data protection for interview recordings Not a fundamentally new topic Audio or video recordings have been one of the central data forms of qualitative research for decades. The issues of data protection and confidentiality have always been considered in the literature, although often with varying degrees of detail. The most recent publications that address the […]

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