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Faster transcription for audio- and videofiles

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Qualitative text analysis

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Manual (on) transcription

About Interview, Transcription & Analysis

Our 6th edition (3rd in English) is meant for everyone planning to conduct, transcribe and analyze qualitative interviews.

The book teaches you how to prepare and record your interviews. We explain how to put your interviews into writing, how to avoid mistakes, and how to transcribe in a rule-governed and technically correct manner.

We offer an overview of general steps across all methods of qualitative analysis and show how to put these into practice with f4analyse. Finally we deal with issues of privacy and safe handling of your data in cloud computing.

We tackle basic questions such as “Why conduct interviews?”, “What do you need before you can get started?”, “How do I ask the right questions?”, “What are common problems?” and “How do I analyze my data?”.

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