Create codes, write memos & summaries, and export quotations

New version2.5
  • Write memos, code contents
  • Display, compare and filter quotations
  • Develop a hierarchical code system
  • Description and differentiation of codes


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Latest features:

  • Filter code overlaps
  • Comparative view
  • Show/Hide codelist
  • Teamwork import

Text-based analysis

Read, comment, search, structure

f4analyse assists you to read your RTF files, structure your references, note down your findings, compare statements and to create summaries, interpretations, or concepts.

As a result, you can export a clear overview of your findings to Word or Excel for your research report.

Memos & comments

Write down ideas and interpretations

Record notes in memos for text passages or write comments for texts and codes. Memos are visible in the text similarly to a messenger chat and can be coded as well. Comments are displayed in the field below the text or code. This is where you can note case summaries, code definitions or interpretations.

Coding system

Create codes and code texts & memos

Codes allow you to structure your texts and memos. Regardless if developed inductively or deductively the coding system is organised clearly and hierarchically. Codes can be clearly distinguished by different colours. Coded passages are then underlined with the respective colour in the text (repeatedly and multi-coloured where applicable).

All functions in 20 minutes

Easy to learn, quick to implement

In our video tutorial (on the right), we show you how to write memos and comments, create codes and summaries, as well as how to export your findings for your research report. Here, you can find more information about other available functions:

Overview over the functions

f4analyse (Win, Mac & Linux)
+ f4/f5transkript

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USB licence 487,40 €
10 concurrent users 2436,97 €
2 activations 292,34 €
USB licence 292,34 €
10 concurrent users 974,79 €
6 months, 1 activation 48,64 €
24 month, 2 activations 97,38 €

Licenses and prices

Without a licence, the software runs as demo and allows the editing of 10 texts and codes.


The standard licence is for everyone. Universities can buy the licence with a discount. Only undergraduate and postgraduate students are entitled to temporary limited licences for 6 months or 2 years with the same range of functions.

Buy f4analyse

If you would like to use f4analyse in the classroom, we will provide you with a free teaching licence for each participant as well as training material. Free teaching licences.

Also available as a network licence.

Free licences and training material for education....

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