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Manual (on) Transcription (3. Ed.)

In our free manual, we explain what’s important when recording interviews, creating transcripts and analyse them – and why it is not advisable to start without proper preparation and understanding of the foundational techniques of audio and video transcription. We provide answers to questions such as: Who to do an interview. What exactly should be transcribed? Can I use voice recognition software? 

16.09.2013 - 19:51

Easier coding with f4analyse

f4 analyse

f4analyse supports you in analyzing your textual data. You can develop codes, write
memos, code (manually or automatically), and you can analyze cases and topics.
The program is slim & easy to learn - you’ll greatly speed up your work.

25.01.2013 - 10:33

Transcribe faster with f4 (Win) or f5 (Mac)

f4 & f5 are making scientific transcription easier and faster. Its core features: Replay speed can be reduced without voice pitch change; the program can be controlled via the keyboard (instead of using the mouse); automated short rewind upon pausing the recording. f4 automatically inserts time stamps and speaker tokens – this saves time. It also offers customizable text elements and intuitive navigation via waveform display (f4 only).

02.09.2010 - 13:06

Transcribe faster with f5 (Mac)

f5 is the Mac version of f4, our standard program for scientific transcription. f5 is a program which supports the transcription progress, the progress of manually writing down interview situations from video or audio files. It reads audio files and video files, and considerably alleviates the transcription of interviews. Your work is alleviated, because it slows down the playback speed without changing the pitch. You can control the playback with a footswitch or shortcuts.

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