f4analyse 3.2 new Table and Pinboard

Extensive table and pinboard for clear compilation of text passages and comments. Now available as a free update for f4analyse version 3.

The table as a navigator in the coded material

The previous “distribution” has been significantly expanded. New are now:

Sub-summation of subcodes
Main codes can be counted alone or the text passages of their subcodes can be counted as well. This provides an easy overview of the distribution of the main topics.

Percentage view
The table shows (case-based) how coded text passages of a text are distributed across the codes or (topic-based) which proportion of the text passages of a code originates from which text.

Occurrence in the text
Shows which topics occur in which text – irrespective of the number.

Displays the overlap of codes in a cross table. This makes it visible which topics overlap and how often.

The pinboard for compiling text passages and comments.

Comments and text passages can now be “pinned” in a separate window. Here, almost any number of text passages and comments can be viewed next to each other. The pinboard is maintained regardless of what is happening in the main window of f4analysis.

In this way, the pinboard helps when writing detailed memos, comparing topics and contrasting different statements.



Here are the complete release notes:
Version 3.2 (Dec 2021)


Extensive table and pinboard for clear compilation of text passages and comments.
The table as a navigator in the coded material
Import of plain text files


Performance significantly improved (programme start, switching between projects, loading projects, typing in codings, selection with many codings, code manager, search)
Beautification of word spacing of bold text under macOS.
Improved feedback when importing faulty documents
Hint when more codings have been created than underlines are possible.
The filter in the selection now remembers the selection
Nicer merging of comments when merging.
Dialogue can be moved better.
Faster and easier import of documents with time stamps.

Bug fixing

Fix of graphic artefacts on Retina displays under macOS
Localisation of status texts during import.
Correct cursor position in texts under macOS
REFI Export: Timestamps in plain text are now exported correctly.
No immediate termination of the software in the file dialogue when exporting is cancelled
No more indentation after line breaks in text, code and group labels
Bug fix for display of text, code and group labels after resizing the window
Code fusion now also when dragging from bottom to top
Correction when dragging codes under Window
Sometimes appearing duplicate blocks in the selection editor corrected
“Mark all” now also marks the line break if text ends with a line break
Display corrected for text fields under Linux in dark mode
Import of docx files created by Libre Office


Version 3.1.1 (Apr 2021)
Import: No immediate exit on comment editing after text import from docx
Selection: Functioning code selection after deleting a code
Selection: Correct display of code when changing by double-click

Version 3.1.0 (Mar 2021)
Project export as REFI-QDA Project (.qdpx)
Code system export as REFI-QDA Codebook (.qdc)
Configurable maximum number of lines for texts, groups and codes
Deselecting texts, groups and codes in the views by clicking again
Summary: Underlining is now displayed by default
Selection: Initial size of filter reduced for small elements
Delay effect on full screen and exit removed
Highlighting of the window border of dialogues on a dark background

f4analysis version 3.0.0 (Nov 2020)
New file format for more functionality. (downward compatible: projects from version 2 can be imported)
Groups now bundle texts with the same characteristics. This makes it easier to call up these cases and allows groups to be compared, for example, for typing.
Responsive design for better readability on large and small screens.
Space-saving mode for displaying many codes and texts
High-DPI/scaling support for high-resolution monitors under macOS (Retina), Windows and Linux (Gnome 3, KDE, Mate, Cinammon)
Reading type formation through word-accurate memos and strikethroughs.
Import of texts from Word: f4analyse now reads texts in *.rtf as well as *.docx format.
Result documentation as *.docx makes texts, codes, comments and quotations or memos available in Word.
Other new functions
Editor: Ctrl+Shift+A: Mark quote or memo (Ctrl+A marks everything)
Settings: Reset “Do not show again” notes
Export: Export all texts (rtf/docx) to a ZIP file
Editor: Change focus from editor via CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
Editor: Better positioning of the end of a selection before a memo
Export: Print view: Background colours no longer have to be activated separately for (PDF) printing (exception Internet Explorer)
Interface: Performance improvements (distribution view, folding and unfolding in the code manager, scrolling, etc.)
Interface: macOS: Display error due to dark mode fixed
Interface: Intelligent positioning of edit dialogues for texts, groups and codes
Interface: Windows: Flicker reduction when zooming in and out
Interface: Reduction of the minimum width from 980 pixels to 960 pixels. This results in half the screen at Full HD.
Interface: Reduction of the window size if the resolution is saved too large.
Interface: Renaming in edit dialogues (texts, groups, codes) can be cancelled by ESC if focus is still in title field.
Interface: Sensible focus when changing views
Search: Revision of the input mask
Search: Keyboard control/tab navigation of the input mask
Toolbar: Keyboard control/tab navigation
Update: macOS + Linux: Warning if update is not possible under macOS and Linux due to directory/app bundle name
Widgets: Text input field: Windows: Undo/Redo support

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