USB – Foot switches

Using our affordable foot pedals makes you up to 30% faster when transcribing interviews, movies or dictations. Our foot pedals are as easy to use as the foot pedals from the days of tape recorders and you simply connect them to your Windows PC or Macintosh computer via USB.

The comfortable solutionScience II foot pedal

Science II is comfortable to use and affordable, which makes it the ideal tool for anyone transcribing audio or video data. It is compatible with Macintosh and Windows computers.

With f4 (version 4.2 and above) or f5 (version 1.5.6 and above) installed on your computer, simply plug it in and begin transcribing. You can use the foot pedal in f4, f5 or when transcribing in word processing software.

The professional solutionOffice foot pedal

This kit consists of a robust 3-button USB foot pedal and an optional set of headphones. A licence for our transcription software f4 or f5 is also optional.

The foot pedal Office is a highly professional and sturdy tool, suitable for daily use in the office.

No matter if you use a Mac or Windows computer, fast forwarding, rewinding, stopping, and resuming the recording in MS word and other word processing software is easy and convenient.

With our Office foot pedal, well-trained typists can work even faster than with our single-button foot pedals.

The flexible solution Science I foot pedal

The Science I foot pedal is sturdy and especially quiet when used. It works with f4, f5 or Express Scribe by plug & play. When ordering, choose whether you want your foot pedal pre-programmed for f4transkript on Windows or Mac (f5).

Science I can “learn” how to control many other programs. On our website we show you how to use your foot pedal with other applications. The pedal received a MacLife recommendation in 2007 and 2010. Only available in Europe

Programmable alarm buttons, buzzers and sensors are available at:

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