Network licence

f4analyse and f4transkript

  • central licence management
  • any number of clients
  • Mac, Windows and Linux
  • also via VPN connection
  • configurable user group

Central license server

The license server is installed on a Windows computer that can be reached in the network. It runs here as a background service and grants a license to 10 (or 20, 30, 100 …) persons at a time as long as they have a connection to the license server.

It can also be used via VPN connection from outside the university/company. The number of users can be limited by specifying subnets, e.g. to certain departments.

Any number of clients

f4analyse and/or f4transkript can be installed and started on any number of computers.

If the limit of concurrent uses is exceeded, new users will receive a corresponding message. As soon as a license is free again they can try again.

Usually you need much less investment than if you buy a rental USB license, especially if the software is often used time-delayed.

Rental or purchase

The rental license runs for 12 months and includes all updates/upgrades during the term. The term ends automatically and can be extended on request (no subscription). Support by e-mail included.

The purchase license is valid indefinitely, but only for the program versions current at the time of purchase. Two support cases by e-mail are included.

Configurable user groups

The usage can be limited to up to 8 subnets. This allows you to reserve licenses for specific departments or PC pools.


After the purchase we will contact you and create an individual license. You will then receive the license server as well as customized clients and instructions.

Our software communicates by default via TCP port 33911. A Windows computer with Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 or higher is required. Otherwise there are no significant requirements regarding RAM or memory.


When ordering, we need the following information:

Windows version of the server on which our license server will be installed,
IPv4 address or FQDN of the server on which our license server is installed;
If the user group is to be restricted:
up to 8 networks in CIDR notation (e.g.

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