f4 saves valuable time when you transcribe your data

Here’s how it works:

Variable playback speed
for easy-going transcription work

Almost nobody can type as fast as people speak – so simply slow down the replay speed of your recording, without changing voice pitch. And when you proof-read your transcript, you can increase the replay speed. This makes an easy-going job out of transcription.

Automatic rewind
re-hear what you just heard

Every time you pause the recording, it automatically rewinds for a few seconds. This way, you’ll always hear the last two or three words, and you can keep your work flow going.

The waveform
shows where you are and how loud the recording is

The waveform helps you keeping track of the overall dynamics and volume of your recording. With a quick glance you can identify gaps and pauses. By clicking on the wave form you can swiftly navigate through your data. Highlighting a part of the wave form plays that section of data in a loop.

Automatic speaker tokens
and f4 does the typing for you

Don’t spend time on typing speaker names or aliases yourself – f4 can do this automatically. In one-on-one conversations, each paragraphs automatically starts with the name of the person speaking. If you have more than two speakers, you can use customizable text blocks. 

Customizable text blocks
helps with commonly used phrases

Save the most important phrases, speaker names/aliases, and transcription symbols as text blocks. F4 also comes with some pre-made text blocks for common transcription conventions.

Time stamp
click on the text = listen to the audio

Clicking on a time stamp automatically replays the respective part of your audio or video data. Time stamps are automatically inserted while you transcribe. This helps when transcribing with f4/f5, and when analyzing in MAXQDA, Atlas.TI, and f4analyse.

Automatic backups
so nothing gets lost

Mistakes happen to everyone. But f4 regularly backs up your transcript, so you don’t lose your valuable work.

Find and replace
and anonymize data in seconds

You can anonymize your transcript with a few clicks. Simply search for speaker names, and replace them with aliases – or you transcribe using abbreviations, which you can later replace with aliases.

Watch video tutorials
and you’ll know how it’s done within 5 minutes

f4 is really easy to use – just press the F4 key to start or pause the audio or video recording. But f4 can do more than that, so check out those three videos and learn how the pros do it! Tutorials are also available as PDFs to read on-screen or to print out. (in german language only)

The foot pedal
makes a quick job even faster

You can control f4 with a foot pedal. We have several inexpensive models in stock, starting at 49 EUR. If you already own a foot pedal from a different manufacturer, you can use it with the f4 pro version. Check out the manual to find out which foot pedals work with f4. .

Affordable pricing
starting at 14,90 EUR

Use f4 on PCs, and f5 on MACs. You can test either version using the demo version. The demo version only plays the first 10 minutes of an audio or video file. If you have more data than that, purchase a license in our online shop.

f4 requires Windows XP or higher, the Windows Media Player, and 200MB disc space on your hard drive in order to run smoothly. It will play any file type that can be played in the Windows Media Player. f5 requires MacOSX10.6+ and can play any file that the Quicktime player can open.

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f4 for education
free licenses and materials

We provide lecturers with free teaching licenses and teaching materials, including exercises, practice files and answer sheets. We also provide educators with 10-20 printed versions of our manual on transcription (as long as supplies last). The teaching licenses allow each student to work with a fully operational version of f4 for seven days within one semester. To receive the educational material & teaching licenses, please provide us with a link to your class description, your address, and the number of students/participants attending your class.

Free codec pack
provides support for more audio & video formats

Is one of your files not opening or playing correctly? Simply download the free K-Lite Mega CodecPack for Windows, or download Perian for MACs. These additional codecs will allow f4/f5 to play even more file formats, such as flash videos, M4A (i.e. iPhone dictations), MP4, AMR, MOV, DIVX and many more. You can download K-Lite here: K-Lite Codec Pack for f4 - if you use a MAC, simply search the web for “Perian”.

Who’s behind f4?
We were using tape recorders for this back in the day…

As PhD students at Phillips University Marburg (Germany), we experienced that there was a lack of easy-to-use transcription software. This was in 2004, and bluntly speaking, there were none. With f4 (in 2005), and f5 (in 2010), we successfully changed this. In the last four years alone, f4 and f5 were downloaded more than 500.000 times. In 2009, our company was awarded with the Hessian Founder’s Award.

Thorsten Pehl —
Concept & Wireframing

Thorsten Dresing —
Concept & Workshops

Lars Zimmermann —
Screendesign & UI/UX

Christoph Burgdorf —