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„f4 demonstrates its strengths especially in recordings with multiple speakers. The useful features show that the development was influenced by lots of practical experience.” (c’t Magazine, Issue 12/2012)


Variable Playback Speed

Faster and easier 

Hardly anybody is able to type as quickly as people speak. So, just slow down the playback while typing. And speed it up when you proofread – you’ll save time and nerves.

Automatic Rewind

Hear the last few seconds again

Every time you pause the recording there is a short automatic rewind. This means you’ll hear the last two or three words when you continue, which makes for a smooth workflow.


Shows where you are and how loud it is

The waveform makes it easy to keep track of volume and dynamics. It also enables you to identify pauses. One click brings you to the right position; a highlighted passage is played back as a loop. This feature is as of now only available in f4 (in f5 at the end of 2015).

Automatic Speaker Tokens

f4transkript and f5transkript do the typing for you

Save yourself the annoying typing of speaker names. f4 and f5 do it automatically. In dialogues, the paragraphs automatically start with the name of the person currently speaking. Our text modules can help you with several speakers.

Text Modules

Helpful with recurring phrases

Create a set with your most often used text modules like frequently recurring phrases, transcription symbols, or speaker names. We have already provided a few sets of commonly used transcription symbols/phrases in f4transkript.


Click on the text and hear the original

Every time you click on a timestamp the corresponding passage is played back. Timestamps are inserted automatically during typing – without extra effort. This is not only helpful for the transcription in f4 or f5, but also for the subsequent evaluation in f4analyse, MAXQDA, or Atlas.ti.

Automatic Backups

Nothing gets lost

Mistakes do happen. So you don’t lose valuable work, f4 and f5 make regular automatic backups. This way, you can easily restore your latest progress.

Search and Replace

And anonymize within seconds

You can make your transcript anonymous with only a few clicks. Just search for a speaker’s name and replace it with an abbreviation. Or transcribe with abbreviations and have them replaced with the proper terms later.

5-minute Video Tutorial

f4 and f5 are really easy to learn – basically you just need to press the F4 or F5 key to start and pause. But the programs can do much more! Watch one of our video clips to know how it all works. You can also re-read and print our PDF-manuals:

Guide f4transkript in Englisch or German
Guide f5transkript in Englisch or German

USB Foot Pedal

Makes you even faster

f4/f5 transkript can be used with our foot pedals, which saves time. We offer several models, starting at 59 Euro.

In case you already have a pedal from a different manufactor, only f4transkription (pro) is able to support more pedals (e.g. from Olympus, Philips and others). The manual explains, which pedals work with f4transkript (pro).

F5transkription (both Pro and Edu for Mac OS X) only supports the Science I, Science II and Office usb foot pedals.


or f5transkript

pro Single License 69,90€
  Double License 99,90€
  mobile (usb) 99,90€
edu 6 Month License 17,90€
  Single License 34,90€
  Double License 49,90€
  mobile (usb) 69,90€

Licences and Prices

The demo version has a 10-minute time limit on audio and video files.

The “edu” license is only for students and academic institutions. Bulk and network licenses are also available. The “pro” license is for everyone. f4(pro), but not f5(pro), supports more USB foot pedals (Olympus, Philips...).

If you would like to use f4 & f5transkript as a teacher in your  class, we’ll provide you with a free teaching license for each participant. Our education support package includes our PDF-manuals, a single license for you, teaching materials, practice files, and short-term licenses for all class participants. Just send an email to: free teaching license.

Buy f4transkript / f5transkript Download demo version

For Windows users:

K-Lite Codec Pack for f4

For Mac users:


Free Codec Packs

Make f4/f5 play back more formats

Your files are not being played properly?

Make sure that Windows Media Player or Quick Time is installed and able to play back the file. In order to be able to play back more formats, such as Flashvideo, M4A (iPhone), MP4, AMR (Blackberry/Android), MOV, DIVX, etc. your system may need additional information, so-called codecs.

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